Cooktown Anzac Day Weekend

Recently Brod organised a weekend away for the Club to go to Cooktown and fly a site north of the town.

The weekend was well attended. Bob and Brett flew up in the trike from Atherton. Brod, John, Damien, Joe, Roger, Barney, Tracey, Wayne and Julie all drove to Cooktown. Everyone converged at the Cooktown airport on Saturday morning to pick up Brett and Bob.

From the airport it was a 3 hour drive via Hopevale township and out to the coast via a 4 wheel drive track.

Brett was the first to climb the steep hill above the wide sandy beach with his para-glider. He had a couple of short flights and then a longer flight of around an hour or so.

Everyone lugged their hang gliders up the hill looking for the best launch site.

Joe took off in his floater and managed a short zip down to the beach!

John decided to move further up the hill to take advantage of the steeper terrain funneling the wind better. He took off and managed to soar the ridge for about an hour or so.

Kev flew in from Port Douglas in to Cooktown his trike to say G’day. Tracey and Bob drove out to meet him at the airport that night. After a good feed at the RSL they stayed the night in town. Up early Sunday morning to catch the nice smooth air for the trip back to Atherton and Port Douglas. Both trikes did a pass over the boys camped on the beach to wake them up and then headed south for the 4 hour flight back!

Sunday saw Brett get in another good flight. The wind could have been a little stronger for the hang gliders with only 10-15KTS SE blowing in.

A good weekend had by all!

Below are a few photos from the weekend; Check out the video on vimeo.

The beach with Cooktown in the back ground.

Brett flies the ridge.

The beach and ridge from the air.

Joe sets up

Cooktown from the air and Tracey and Bob after the flight at Atherton.

Here is the video!

Cooktown Fly-in from Tracey on Vimeo.

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