Dune gooning down Townsville way

Howdy Guys.
Just a quick one to wish you all the best as I’m heading to Nowra for at least 2 yrs at the end of February with work. The last 3 years I have spent with the cairns flying community have been spectacular to say the least and will forever will be my “Flying home” as I make the most of the new location and hopefully head more in the direction of the competition scene. I would like to Give some big thanks to the guy who taught me most of what I know Greg “softy” Newman, and also Patch dog for mostly getting in the car when he was told. Ron and Joe for always being on the hill with good advice when asked, and for taking me on my first XC to 4 mile. Kev for helping me off the hill when Greg was otherwise engaged in learning another language at 1200ft. Brod for teaching some of the finer points in going up strapped to a kite and getting enthusiasm for The Gillies comps. And Bob n Trace for helping me get The Rock legal to fly again. On the subject of The Rock as well I know Alex and Ben who both fly Fun’s down here will be more than happy to host another “Fly In” for those interested parties, September/October being the pick of the year.
For your enjoyment I have also put together a Video of some “Dune Gooning” without the dunes that some mates took of me in Townsville while TC Anthony was moving away from the coast on Sat 22nd Jan, I’ve even included the Stack I had.

See you all around in the future, the flying community is a small world.

“Fly High, Fly Far, Land straight!”

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