Gillies flight

Video of Gillies comp held on the last weekend of October, 2014.

7 pilots flew, with 3 getting to Lake Tinaroo, 2 to Jack’s farm over the back & 2 into the turf farm.

Great to be back at the Gillies!

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  1. John Allen Says:

    Hello Cairns Hang=Gliding Club.

    Good shots from the Gillies launch. Good scenery isn’t it.

    I discovered this site in, God-Knows-When (’80s?), and was the first off it. I discovered the overgrown track by using some dotted lines on an old map and it turned out to be the original telephone line track.

    I made a convincing glossy Submission to Forestry and Cairns Council, saying it would be good for International Tourism. We got a dozer with Forestry’s permission and they allowed us cut designated trees down, to build a beaut wooden ramp, and a little hut with a beaut fireplace. Gooood fun was that!!

    Ultimately some new Forestry jerk put the kibosh on it.
    Glad to see you are all still using it. Regards to one-armed Jack who was very helpful.

    We also used to land our trikes on the dirt track next to his farm, just next to the scrub. It is an Easement.

    We had a great Club and mainly flew Rex Lookout. We only lost one there, who was Mick, who forgot to clip in. Splash.

    Happy flights and Cheers,

    John Allen (Creator Barnacle Bills Restaurant and Nighthawks Night Club, and now Gold Coast).

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