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    Shane Gingell writes:

    I have spoken to Godfrey.

    He said CASA have sent a order to it officers from regional airports to attend local flying sites at random to check.

    CASA has made the threat that if the club does not have procedures to check that people that are flying there sites are properly licensed then CASA is going to deregister the club and that the clubs executive and safety officer and duty officers have a legal responsibly to check the currency of pilots license and report anyone breaking the rules or they can be liable of charges them selves.

    The penalty is up to $50,000 and two years imprisonment

    So it seems CASA has it’s big stick out and is looking for someone to whack so we better make sure we all keep our head pulled in.

    Steve Conondale writes:

    Last Thursday morning CASA representatives were present on Manilla’s Mount Bora launch. It was an unannounced blitz visit, checking pilots for current HGFA membership. About eighty pilots where present, maybe about twenty percent were foreign visiting pilots.

    Personally I wasn’t checked as I arrived latter but sixteen pilots were found not to have HGFA licenses, and names and addresses were taken. I don’t know the particulars beyond that.

    On Friday morning John Ollif (HGFA operations manager) was present at the pre-fight brief and informed us there had been a CASA audit of the HGFA and the investigation was on going. Also there were issues with the HGFA administration which were under review (see page 43 of latest Sky sailor Feb/March).

    With this CASA audit in mind maybe it would be a good idea to check your HGFA licenses are current and up to date. Also make sure we are all flying within the HGFA/CASA regulations as if CASA get sniff or for any reason a local pilot is reported I’m sure CASA wouldn’t mind paying us a blitz visit too.

    Caught with no license means big fines or up to two year’s imprisonment.

    You must have your HGFA membership card with you when flying at all times. The requirement is in the HGFA ops manual.

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