Inkerman Weekend

Video of weekend at Inkerman Hill. Inkerman has great potential as a XC site. On the right day, of course!

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  1. callum Says:

    i am a paraglider pilot that just moved to Townsville does anyone fly it on a regular basis. any phone number of people In the area?

  2. shaun Says:

    hi Callum – i’m in a similar situation to you – ie looking to fly sites locally – give me a call if you’re interested in having a conversation.

    Shaun 0421 034 185

  3. phil Says:

    i hope to complete my hang glide novice grading by late march2012 and would like to fly with others HG pilots

    in townsville area

  4. Tim Says:

    Hi Guys, I just got posted to Townsville for 3 years and I am a PG pilot. I would love to explore the area to find a PG site and go mad everytime the wind is on. I’m in Malaysia at the moment and will get in contact when I get back, Cheers

    Tim 0402340173 (that number wont work till I get back in June)

  5. Lee Says:

    Hi, I know this was posted a while ago, but is anyone flying in Townsville at the moment? I’ve just moved to the area from the uk and am hoping to learn how to paraglide. I know there isn’t any instructors in the area, but was thinking I could travel further south to learn. I’m just not sure if there is any sites in Townsville to fly?



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