Live Weather

To access the Weather Station for Rex Lookout, use this link -> Live Weather

The weather station is currently in operation and displaying accurate readings. It is working quite well but there are still a few issues of which we are still trying to sort out with the weather service provider.

Here is the bad:

  • If you change the duration to less than 1 day nothing is displayed until you click the >I button.
  • The page is not imbedded here on the CHGC website so if you want to add as a Bookmark/Favourite don’t bookmark the destination page with the graphs, this is the service providers page, but manually add this link: 
    Or return to this page on the CHGC website and then click ‘Live Weather’ link above.


  • To the right of the graphs are three dots “…” click here and select  Chart. This will give you a text display of all the readings. Scroll to the bottom to read the most recent.
    If you can’t see the text, click the “X” at the top right of the screen to reveal the text table hiding behind (this seems to only happen on phones).

The Good:

  • Works much better on a phone or tablet.
  • If you select along the graph it displays the details of that point in time, much like Seabreeze does.     
  • The measurements are extremely close to what is happening at Launch.

Also, please make note there is a new weather station at ‘Pops’ site – remember, anyone wishing to fly ‘Pops’ MUST contact Townsville club before hand!!!

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