Logo design competition

Andy from NSW had submitted a logo design to the CHGC design competition!

Hello CHGC!
With a love for flight of any kind,and finding your site,found it compelling to submit a design.
I live on the upper NSW coast,but not close enough to what I call God’s country.
Part of my family are lucky enough to be living in Cairns,but I need to make that step.
My submission is based on a “lighter than a feather”concept. As you seem to glide and fly like Birds,I thought it symbolised all that you resemble.
And always hoping to join a group like yours!
To fly like a bird-everyones dream.-or my dream.
Keep up that great spirit,and best wishes.

Wow! Great design, thanks Andy, we will keep you posted on the results.

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  1. jump Says:

    Very cool logo design. Great job Andy!

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