The Rex on Sunday

Sunday 29th March saw an excellent roll up at the Rex, after the Saturday had blown out with 32 mph winds recorded at the lookout.
The usual suspects set up, along with one suprise. Grant & Julie turned up after spending the last 4 years touring Sth America and Africa by motorbike, they are back in oz and looking to get back into Hang Gliding.
Check out their BLOG to catch up on their adventures.
Grant and Julie return!

Grant and Julie return!

Josh, Bob, Barney, John C, Ron, Paul, Brod, Kev, Joe, Russ and Grant all flew.
Bob went to the bowl early, and then got stuck there for about an hour, playing with the clouds that looked like they should provide good lift, but all they did was bash him up and spit him out, usually lower than he went in!
Finally, the bowl switched on and a superb glide to four mile beach was the reward, arriving above the beach at 1700ft.
Joe, Ron, Paul, Kev, Brod, Ron and John all making the beach after side trips to the washing machine and Mt Garioch. The Cassowaries didn’t look that promising and besides, the beer truck was at Four Mile!
Well done to Grant after an excellent launch and flight (didn’t see the landing!).
A quick word of thanks to Barney for cleaning up the edge at the Rex. It has made the site much friendlier, with gliders easier to balance and launch.
Thanks to Trace for helping everyone launch and for driving the beer truck on retrieve and for putting up with the pilots boring stories……
Check out the video of the day at vimeo.
Take me to the beer truck!

Take me to the beer truck!

Nice kite Kev!

Nice kite Kev!

Beer o'clock!

Beer o'clock

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