Cooktown on again!!

At the last meeting, it was decided that everyone needed, that’s right NEEDED another Cooktown weekend. You’ve watched the videos,

you’ve heard the other pilots raving, now experience Cooktown yourself!

The weekend of November 24th id the date. Unless it’s chucking it down, we are going. Contact Brett or Bob if you are interested.

2 Responses to “Cooktown on again!!”

  1. Wazza Says:

    I might be sailing up to Lizard island so i will anchor in cooktown for a fly. Last time i anchored here i took the wing over to the launch on my rubber duckie.

  2. Doug Says:

    Hey Vanessa,
    I did watch the vid of Cooktown with the “Dumb ways to die” song… Like the song… Hadn’t hear it before, but it’s pretty cool 🙂

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