Gillies flown!

The forecast was looking good. After being fooled by the weather station into thinking Saturday was on at the Rex, a few calls were made to see who could make the Gillies the next day. The intrepid pilots making the trek were: Brod, Ron, Waz, Rosco, Greg and Bob. They could not resist answering the call of the mountain.

The weather looked a bit iffy from early on, with clouds building and a low cloud base. We assembled at Jack’s Farm at 11am, and made our way in. The valley was in shadow, with a shower of rain hugging the back of Bellenden Ker Range. Cloud base through the Babinda gap was really low.

Brod was inspired to set up, telling us it was just like Canungra!  We all eventually set up. Brod lined up first, with everyone else happy to let him be the wind technician. The shower of rain was persisting in the valley, even though we had a blue hole above launch. After a short wait, Brod launched and hooked into a cracking thermal right above launch. The rush was on! We all scrambled for our gliders, suddenly inspired to get to the gate. Waz won that little race, lining up a few minutes after Brod had called us from the North Point. Alas, it was not to be. We waited, and waited, and waited but not a single launchable cycle came through.  

The longer we waited, the bigger the shower of rain got. The sun we had hoped would burn the rain away was itself beaten back behind the clouds. We really didn’t want to pack up on the hill, but that was what eventually happened. In the end, it was a race to pack up before getting rained on. Brod landed at the turf farm, after about an hour and a half flight.

Well done Brod, he took the only small window and made it work. As for the others, it felt really good to get back to the Gillies and we are now inspired again to fly this amazing site as often as the weather will let us.

Thanks to Tracey, Katie and Colleen for offering to drive and close the gates.

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